Choices for Community Living, CCL Delaware

Intro – Strawberry Picking

At Choices for Community Living Delaware, Inc. (CCL) we support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) thrive in their communities. Since 2004, CCL has been providing exceptional services to individuals with I/DD living throughout the State of Delaware.

We stand by our mission: To enable persons with disabilities, their families and other individuals in need to achieve a quality of life driven by choice.

This is done by offering a wide variety of programs, person-centered services and employing professional, engaging staff.

Interactive, community based programming is one way we are able to achieve these goals. Having strong ties with our surrounding community organizations and business is important to CCL. Not to mention, pretty fun sometimes! Look what some folks recently had the opportunity to experience.

Some of the individuals in our Day Supports Program spent a beautiful day out in the community strawberry picking at Fifer Orchards and then used the strawberries they collected to make healthy smoothies.

Win-win for everyone!