Choices for Community Living, CCL Delaware

Frequently Asked Questions

Who decides what type of a home is best for each person?

It is a team effort with family members, residential and clinical staff and most importantly—the person desiring a home. The primary focus is always on the individual. We develop homes based on the needs and desires of each person, specifically where and with whom a person wants to live.


Who do I call to find out more about housing options and initiatives?

Call Katina Scott, Director, CCL Delaware, at 302-677-1375.


Where are these homes located?

CCL currently has homes in Lincoln, Harrington, Bear, New Castle and Dover, Delaware.

Can my family members visit the home once a person is placed in a CCL sponsored home?

Absolutely! CCL supports and encourages relationships with family members and friends.


What supports are included in the Residential Program?

Supports are built in according to the needs and desires of each person. Clinical supports include: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Speech and Language Therapy, Psychological, Psychiatric and Behavioral supports, Social Work, and Nutritional Services.

Clinical, medical and dental supports are available through various community providers. Transportation, recreation, social skills acquisition and 24-hour staff supports are also available.


How involved can I be with the decision making for my family member?

CCL believes that each person should be at the center of his or her life planning. CCL supports the regular contact between people in program and their friends and family. Family and friends play a significant role in supporting the consumer in developing their goals and supports.